Our Clinic is a fully equipped hospital providing primary, secondary and emergency medical care. Combined with other specialties available at Manipal Hospitals, advanced treatments are handled successfully by the immensely talented doctor of dermatologists and surgeons.

Our Philosophy

When it comes to serving the healthcare plastic surgery sector, Our clinic is dedicated to continuously providing patients with the latest techniques worldwide. It's about combining the science of medicine with the art of patient care.

Our Vision

Today's woman wants to look great - young, healthy, vibrant - at every age of her life. She has an enthusiasm for finding and flaunting the right look, for keeping her beauty looking terrific, and for making sure her style is up to date.

Beauty And Health

Beauty and Health are the equal partners Beauty is nothing without health. There are so many beauty centers, most of them are caring about physical appearance and not pay enough attention towards Post Operative Health and general performance.